Monday, March 6, 2017

Not Made in America...

"I refuse to buy stuff Made In China". With that in mind, I won't be bringing much home. For lots of good and common sense reasons, support other markets. All of us are contributing to the air pollution problem in China...think about it. Yes, I'll pay more if I don't buy "stuff" made ABROAD. Consider the Made in America store in Elma, N.Y.

The Consumer Drives the Market

I just finished reading the book: DEFENDING OUR WILDLIFE HERITAGE, The Life and Times of a Special Agent, author: Terry Grosz.
I saw him speak at a Trout Unlimited meeting (Fall 2014). He is a seasoned author and retired U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agent. When he went to Asia in the 1990's to communicate with other countries about the illegal (in the U.S. and many other countries, usually overlooked by the Asian countries) trafficking of animals and their parts, he was met with skepticism. We see and hear about this all the time. Elephants being killed by poachers by the thousands for their ivory. Tigers poached for their pelts, rhinos killed for their tusks (for Asian consumers), and on and on.....
This should be enough to infuriate most reasonable people...activate and mobilize. Speak with your wallet and your voice.


Forest management is a rare event anymore. Congress (and Ken Buck) blame the "bureaucrats" (Forest Service and BLM) for incompetent management. They are trying to do their jobs, but too many hurdles (activists and Congress) will not let them do their jobs, but easily blame them for "not doing their jobs".
Millions of standing dead trees in Colorado....why?