Saturday, March 27, 2010

My service to you as a Consulting Arborist

What you receive from me when you hire me as your a Consulting Arborist?
A site visit that involves discussions with you. I then generate a report of recommendations to help you decide on the best management practices for your landscape:
  • Landscape Maintenance: insect and disease problems with your landscape (i.e. integrated pest management); tree/shrub planting ideas and methods; tree maintenance suggestions and recommendations (pruning, removals, spraying, planting, watering, and overall care of your trees and shrubs to keep them healthy).
  • Landscape Design Recommendations: xeriscape ideas and methods (i.e. how to incorporate hardscape with the proper plants for your site); planting the proper species and "how to" to maintain a healthy landscape.
  • Overall discussion that steers you in the right direction that ultimately gives you the best bang for your buck.
Expert Witness Credentials:
   This is a service for court and legal needs. I offer 30+ years of expertise in the area of urban forestry,      traditional forestry, natural resource issues, and general landscape maintenance issues.

Landscape Damage Appraisals:
   When you have trees/shrubs or any other landscape that has been damaged (i.e. from a car accident), I come to the site and perform and assessment of the damage. I prepare a report that can be used for insurance or court purposes for the proper remuneration to recover losses incurred.

Utility Vegetation Expertise:
* Line Clearance and right-of-way maintenance
* All utility and vegetation management issues

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