Sunday, July 1, 2012

Colorado Burning

As I watched the clips of my former home town "burning" this past week, I was horrified to see that the "impossible" was happening. To think that I lived just over a couple ridges from here, where we thougth that "we would be the most vulnerable to forest fires". I now live in another part of Colorado in just as vulnerable a location as before. In fact, so do tens of thousands of us across this state. Just last year (March 2011) I wasn't far from a fire that burned over a week and I could see from my home, some of the flames rising.
What I know of the wildland fire and city firefighters' efforts, I could not say enough of their dedication and bravery!! This is dangerous and dirty work. I know, I have done some of it and had many years of trainging in the Incident Command System, wildland fire training, and volunteer fire dept. training.
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Fire bearing down on the city from Rampart Range June 26, 2012
(amateur photo??)
A classic Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) CONFLAGRATION
(photo: Denver Post)
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