Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Forests in Bad Shape??

Our Forests in Bad Shape??...what does that mean?
Many of our politicians are now asking for funds to manage our forests, why?
The condition of our forest lands have been in serious need of management ever since we settled the United States.
Management happens in large part out of economic and fiscal necessity. Asking now to "manage" our public and private forests lands is too late in many cases. For years, foresters and land managers of all sorts have recommended and "prescribed" the "management" of our forest lands long before we had millions of "dead" trees. In many instances we have dying forests due to overcrowded (dense) stands. The overcrowded forests in many instances stem from politics, policies, lack of funds, complacency, and/or lack of understanding on how best to manage these lands.
In addition, there is a large part of the population that just does not want to see trees cut...period.
Managing our forests starts when the stands are in their growth stages and beyond, not just when there are thousands of acres of dead trees.

To Manage or Not to Manage...that IS the direction...
see what one forester has to say

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