Monday, December 23, 2013

Zero Waste vs. Our Throw Away Society

Same old song, same old tune...different time. Cities like Seattle, L.A., San Francisco, and Portland, Oregon are recycling and composting garbage with goal to reach "zero waste". That means "no garbage" in the landfills.  Read about it in Fortune Magazine
Is that possible? Only if you and your leadership have the right attitude.
I've been part of the recycling business all my career. We've been singing the same song for over 30 years about how much we waste and how expensive and destructive it is to continue to produce the garbage from day to day.
When I was in Germany a few years ago, I had the privilege of staying in a guests home for over a week. I watched how "every" container and scrap of "waste food" had a place to go, other than the trash can...take heed America...we have been saying it for decades...OWN UP.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Public Land Lockup

As reported in High Country News (Dec. 2013), there are over 4 million acres of public lands "locked out" from public access. How does this happen? Some of the reasons go way back in time to the settlement era and others have to do with how land is sold and traded. The biggest problem is that we have "public lands" that are more of a "backyard" playground for the adjacent landowners, than anything else. The federal agencies do have land trade and purchase programs in place, but unfortunately crucial funding sources for these efforts (Land and Water Conservation Fund) are all too often diverted by Congress. These funds come from (by legislative mandate) offshore oil and gas leases to maintain natural resources in the U.S. Each year $900 million in revenue is deposited in this fund for natural resource allocation.

I encourage you to push your reps to secure these funds as was originally intended in 1965.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rise of the Bees?...We HOPE

Periodically I write about the status of bees and why it is important that we are aware of their presence and how to keep them safe and secure. We DEPEND ON IT!
Good news. The Western bumblebee is back in Colorado (Bombus occidentalis). In September, the U. of Colorado announced that the Western bumblebee had returned to the Front Range of Colorado. Recent surveys revealed the findings. Up until the late 1990's, the Western bb was prevalent in the Western  states, then the population crashed without explicable reasons. This species is a key pollinator of many berry plants and vegetables (ref. High Country News, Oct. 14, 2013).

If we don't appreciate the bee for what they contribute to the quality of our lives, IT'S TIME WE DO.

TIME magazine has an excellent article: A World Without Bees (Aug. 19, 2013):,9171,2149141,00.html

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fire Wise_Defensible Space...Big Business? or What?

Is Your Home Fire Wise?

So goes the message. I am getting more involved with Defensible Space as a forester than I ever expected. Thanks to a special colleague of mine, a mentor, I have been part of this exciting field of forest management that is ever increasing. It is great for the homeowner (Defensible Space around your property) and it is an eye opener for the need to manage our woodlands BEFORE they turn into a bone yard of sticks. As I have said many times before, it is easier to get the money to "fight" the fires, than it is to "manage" the forests. This is backwards and irresponsible.
Get Involved...demand PROACTIVE forest management, not REACTIVE forest "nonmanagement".

I'll Yahoo That

 I'll Yahoo That...don't give 'em so much credit...

Does author, David Bonagura "Google that"? I totally agree with him on why it is unwise to just grab your smart phone and "Google" everything you want to find out about. We're at the point where if you don't have a screen in front of your face..."you" are LOST! Are we really the most powerful nation in the world...U.S.of A.??

read David's article in the WSJ: What's 12X11? um, Let Me Google That

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

REI stops Unlimited Exchanges...about time!

REI, Recreational Equipment Incorporated, has taken back equipment (lifetime guarantee gone awry), no matter the condition, forever. That policy is now "within a year of purchase". As a member of REI since the early 1980's, I say "it's about time". When you have a policy like this, we all "pay". There are people that have ostensibly paid for their equipment, by not really paying...use it/return it...whenever.
Read All About It:

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Wants Your Comments on "Path Forward"

If you are a hunter/fisher in Colorado, you need to read this document. Your future in this sport and management depend on it:

Castle Rock Radio Interview...listen up!

Check out a fun interview I did with Shakes Shack on Castle Rock Radio yesterday:
Lots of good info and fun stuff about Colorado and the outdoors.

Curiosity's First Year on Mars

Curiosity on Mars

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Why do we supply other countries with wood for their biomass needs?

Europe requires a reduction in fossil fuels to reduce carbon emissions. However, they are impacting the U.S. with this approach. See video from Wall Street Journal:

This isn't thinking "globally", but definitely acting "locally".

North American of world, take notice!!

Ducks Unlimited, is celebrating its 75th birthday this year. North America has benefited greatly. From Canada to Mexico, what a great success story.
"Ducks Unlimited prides itself on knowing that across this continent we are one family. From the waterfowl breeding grounds of Canada's boreal forests and prairies to the migration and wintering areas of the central and southern U.S. into Mexico, we are one Team DU. No international boundaries separate us. Our decisions about where and how to focus our conservation efforts are driven by the needs of waterfowl." Dale Hall, Chief Executive Officer, DU

Wildlife knows no boundaries as it should be with us all...