Saturday, April 27, 2013

EU update on bee decline

If you've read my posting (Jan. 12, 2013, Killer in a Bottle???), this will bring you up to speed on some news about how chemicals are affecting the bee population in our world. In my profession chemicals are used and have been for decades, as tools to manage insects/disease and vegetation. Many have been discontinued over the years and great improvements made. As can be said of all our chemical and industrial inventions. We need chemicals in our lives to improve our quality of lives and manage our resources. As with anything, we must do our best to make sure they are as nontoxic as we can be assured. This has been an especially scary year for beekeepers that have lost nearly all their bees in some parts of the U.S. and Europe. There have been several theories on why and it is still being heavily studied. In the meantime, there appears to be growing evidence of certain chemicals as the culprit. With this, here is another update and hopefully it will be a better year for our "bees"...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Alternative Energy Sources...good business, good for us

While I continue my volunteer service at the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, I am continually amazed at the "brain trust" that I encounter each day. We all are benefitting from the immense amount of discoveries that come out of the alternative energy inventions that stem from NREL and other Dept. of Energy (DOE) labs. These discoveries and experiments that lead to products we all eventually use in our daily lives, are collaborations between the DOE, businessses, univeristies, and companies from all over the WORLD...

Just a few weeks ago, I assisted with a tour of professionals attending an energy conference in Denver. These folks were from Australia, Germany, Africa, and other parts of the U.S.
What I learn from these individuals while they visit the Lab, is invaluable. I feel like I am back in school again and learning more about subjects that are an intrigue.

In addition to research at NREL, there are other DOE labs in the country that are producing great results too...

Battery design for solar storage, energy use (our flashlights), our vehicles, and some many other products is contributing to more efficient and less expensive batteries.

Valuable research...value to us...good for US!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Earth Day Everyday...Should BE anyway

Monday, April 22, is EARTH DAY. Earth Day was started in the 1970's by a Wisconsin professor to promote proper stewardship of our planet (our only home).
Every Day Should Be Earth Day for us all...whether it be recycling, energy use, land management, or keeping our drinking water safe...we all share a responsibility to be good stewards of our resources. Practice and celebrate EARTH DAY...perhaps by changing the way you conduct your daily business