Monday, July 8, 2013

Teddy Roosevelt-Gifford Pinchot-Sigurd Olson-Aldo Leopold...What do they have in Common?

Teddy, Gifford, Sigurd, and Aldo were all American land stewards and professional in the fields of conservation, forestry, land ethics, outdoor education, and land management.

Teddy Roosevelt, not only an American soldier hero, but a President who started forestry and natural resource management efforts in the U.S. Was a big time hunter and "environmentalist" in the true sense of the "word". He wrote several pieces on the outdoors and on how to "govern" for the people.
One of my mentors and heroes in U.S. politics and conservation. Today we have an organization,, that promotes his legacy in conservation. In addition, there is a national park named after Teddy. Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the North Dakota Badlands.

Gifford Pinchot, appointed by President Roosevelt in the early 20th century to be the first supervisor of the newly created Forest Preserves (later to become the U.S. Forest Service) with the intent to provide wood for the growing U.S. population.

Sigurd Olson, a north country pioneer of conservation efforts and author. He was a giant in the North Country conservation movement and advisor to Secretarys of the Interior. He wrote books such as:
The Singing Wilderness, Listening Point, The Lonely Land, Runes of the North, and Open Horizons.
Check them out.

Aldo Leopold, a professor, land management expert, and writer form Wisconsin who is especially famous for his writing: A Sand County Almanac. A leader in the wildlife management profession.
Another book that is of interest to the conservation and land management profession: For the Health of the Land.

Check out these conservation pioneers...they will inspire you.


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