Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thank you from America...who cares!



To our colleagues who perished in the Arizona fire last week...we will miss you...even though many of us did not know you...we are in sorrow and mourning for the loss of such young lives fighting to protect homes and property...AMERICA LOVES YOU AND IS INDEBTED TO YOU!!
As a trained fire fighter of the past (long time ago, I can related to what they were up against).
This business of putting fires out will only get more dangerous. These guys were the gutsiest of the gutsy and some of the best we could ask to fight for us.
My hat is over my heart for all of you...
Godspeed my fellow colleagues:
* Andrew Ashcraft                     * Robert Coldwell               
* Travis Carter                            * Dustin Deford                       
* Chris MacKenzie                     * Eric Marsh
* Grant McKee                           * Sean Misner                    
* Scott Norris                              * Wade Parker                         
* John Percin                              * Anthony Rose
* Jesse Steed                               * Joe Thurston                    
* Travis Turbyfill                        * Billy Warneke                         
* Clayton Whitted                       * Kevin Woyjeck
* Garrett Zuppiger          

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