Friday, November 22, 2013

Fire Wise_Defensible Space...Big Business? or What?

Is Your Home Fire Wise?

So goes the message. I am getting more involved with Defensible Space as a forester than I ever expected. Thanks to a special colleague of mine, a mentor, I have been part of this exciting field of forest management that is ever increasing. It is great for the homeowner (Defensible Space around your property) and it is an eye opener for the need to manage our woodlands BEFORE they turn into a bone yard of sticks. As I have said many times before, it is easier to get the money to "fight" the fires, than it is to "manage" the forests. This is backwards and irresponsible.
Get Involved...demand PROACTIVE forest management, not REACTIVE forest "nonmanagement".

I'll Yahoo That

 I'll Yahoo That...don't give 'em so much credit...

Does author, David Bonagura "Google that"? I totally agree with him on why it is unwise to just grab your smart phone and "Google" everything you want to find out about. We're at the point where if you don't have a screen in front of your face..."you" are LOST! Are we really the most powerful nation in the world...U.S.of A.??

read David's article in the WSJ: What's 12X11? um, Let Me Google That

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

REI stops Unlimited Exchanges...about time!

REI, Recreational Equipment Incorporated, has taken back equipment (lifetime guarantee gone awry), no matter the condition, forever. That policy is now "within a year of purchase". As a member of REI since the early 1980's, I say "it's about time". When you have a policy like this, we all "pay". There are people that have ostensibly paid for their equipment, by not really paying...use it/return it...whenever.
Read All About It: