Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rise of the Bees?...We HOPE

Periodically I write about the status of bees and why it is important that we are aware of their presence and how to keep them safe and secure. We DEPEND ON IT!
Good news. The Western bumblebee is back in Colorado (Bombus occidentalis). In September, the U. of Colorado announced that the Western bumblebee had returned to the Front Range of Colorado. Recent surveys revealed the findings. Up until the late 1990's, the Western bb was prevalent in the Western  states, then the population crashed without explicable reasons. This species is a key pollinator of many berry plants and vegetables (ref. High Country News, Oct. 14, 2013).

If we don't appreciate the bee for what they contribute to the quality of our lives, IT'S TIME WE DO.

TIME magazine has an excellent article: A World Without Bees (Aug. 19, 2013):,9171,2149141,00.html

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