Wednesday, November 19, 2014


If you value your public lands as I do, be a part of the process that manages those lands and keeps them available for us all in perpetuity. Our PUBLIC LANDS are in place for the benefit of us all. Oftentimes I hear comments that "these lands are locked up", "why does the Federal Gov't have to own all these lands", "I should be free to drive my atv wherever I want (speaking about public lands here) and no one should shut me out from using this trail", and on we go.
Do you think our public lands should be for sale?
What exactly ARE public lands?
I encourage you to support/join at least one conservation organization to you believe is worthy of your support.

Bob Morgan Leaves a Legacy in North Dakota...

Our friend and colleague Bob Morgan, passed away on November 17. He will be MISSED.
Here's to a lasting influence on the Outdoors of North Dakota, in memory of Bob Morgan:
While working with the Bismarck, ND Forestry Dept. in the 1970'2 and 80's, I had the pleasure of working with Bob. He was a valued Advisor to our Dept. His knowledge of forestry and natural resource management was inspirational. He was one of my mentors in the field of forestry and natural resources. He inspired me to pursue a career in the forestry/natural resource field that today continues to inspire me.
Bob Morgan Leaves a Legacy for North Dakota