Saturday, July 25, 2015

I just bought my duck stamp...why you should too!

The Federal Duck Stamp (Migratory Bird Stamp) is 81!

The story of the Duck Stamp (from the 1934 Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp Act)
has a colorful History . Last year's Ducks Unlimited magazine (July/August issue) printed a story on the 80th anniversary of the Federal wetlands conservation program.
Since I was a teenager hunting waterfowl in the Dakotas, the Duck Stamp was always part of the "required license" I needed before I could go afield. 
The History of the Duck Stamp is one that all Americans should be aware of. Again, the American hunter contributes to the success story of the "North American Waterfowl" populations. Of course, anyone can "purchase" the duck stamp (at most U.S. Post Offices). Of course I encourage you to also do so.

As an upland bird hunter and waterfowl enthusiast (hunted for many years when I was younger),
I am especially supportive of wetland area management conservation. Waterfowl production areas (purchased with duck stamp proceeds) are not only for waterfowl, they benefit ALL WILDLIFE. For without water, life is not sustained. 
Some of the best upland bird hunting can be experienced around Waterfowl Production Areas.
As a supporter  of Pheasants Forever (on Board of Metro Denver Pheasants Forever, Habitat) and Ducks Unlimited, I encourage all North Americans to also support these efforts to benefit wildlife and our precious natural resources.
As stated in the DU articles, "nearly 98 percent of every duck stamp dollar goes to support on-the-ground habitat conservation."