My Resume

35+ years in forestry and natural resource management.
35+ years involvement in local land trusts, conservation and environmental organizations.
35+ years as professional municipal employee, includes Parks and Recreation, and Public Works.
Ability to conceptualize and direct complex projects to fully operational status.
Goal-oriented with strong, ethical, and effective leadership capabilities.
Excellent written and communication skills (incl. public presentations).
Fundraising experience.
Experience managing large budgets.
Skilled with computer systems and powerpoint (including GIS/GPS mapping).
Knowledge of legal matters (i.e. local ordinances and statutes).

Education & Certifications
M.S. (specialized in GIS), University of Colorado
B.S., Forestry, University of Minnesota
Certified Arborist
Certified Technical Service Provider (Natural Resource Conservation Service)
Certified Tree Farm Inspector
Association of Consulting Foresters
Society of American Foresters

Relevant Experience
Forestry and Natural Resource Management
Extensive experience with open space management (i.e. City Parks Trails, Open Space and Parks programs)
Coordinated major community events
Secured grants with State and Federal programs
Experience with Federal, State, County, local agencies
Extensive public contact with effective resolution of sensitive and controversial decisions
Organized national, regional, and local workshops and conferences
Technical Advisory Committee, Fountain Creek Watershed District
Member of Environment Vision Council with Leadership Pikes Peak
Community Sustainability Projects in Colorado Springs Area
Active in professional organizations

Communication Skills
• Speaker at national, regional, and local conferences
• Public presentations (Boards, City Council, committees, task forces, more)
• Extensive contact with the print and other news media
• Extensive experience in preparing technical reports and legal documents (i.e. agreements government/property owners)
• Extensive experience with computer applications, (i.e. Word, Excel, databases, GIS, powerpoint, mapping, more)

Employment And Relevant Experience
Division Manager, City Forester/Aborist City of Colorado Springs, Co. 1981-2008
Arborist/Forester, City of Bismarck, North Dakota 1979-1981
Private forestry/landscape and natural resource consultant, Colorado 1984-present
Leadership roles in professional organizations

Community Involvement, Past and Present
Boy Scouts of America, Eagle Scout and scout leader lifelong
Leadership Pikes Peak Graduate, 2005
Volunteer: Glen Eyrie (Navigators), National Space Symposium, National Renewable Energy Lab, 
Board member Of Living History Assoc.
Board member of local/national Sportsmen Organizations